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Free ABI Screenings Offered at Local Podiatry Office

Summa Health and a local podiatrist have teamed up to provide free peripheral arterial disease (PAD) screenings to the Akron community. The program is being piloted at one podiatry office before being expanded to include other podiatry offices in the Greater Akron area.

Print ads were run in local newspapers which described PAD symptoms and identified risk factors for the disease. Readers were encouraged to call and make an appointment to have a free ankle brachial index (ABI) screening done at Norton podiatrist Dr. Jon D. Oliverio’s office.

Results for the late July pilot were encouraging.

Ten patients called and made appointments, and although all ten had negative findings, Dr. Oliverio’s practice scheduled another screening date on Thursday, September 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The program is expected to be rolled out to other area podiatrists’ later this year.

Podiatrists who are interested in participating in the program and offering this free service to their patients may call Michelle Glinsek at (330) 375-7699 for more information.

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